Wire Wound Fin Tubes




The Wire Wound Fin Tube has number of unique characteristics:
1) High air side turbulence resists the buildup of dirt on fins and to an extent is self cleaning. It comes with an optional turbulator either fixed soldered or flexible unsoldered.

2) It gives higher heat transfer coefficient enabling design of a highly compact heat exchanger unit having lower pressure drop as compared to other conventional fin tubes from identical working conditions.

3) Wire wound fin tubes can withstand temperature up to 180ºC with standard solder wire. However for high temperature
application it can withstand temperature up to 290ºC. This is with the use of special silver content solder wire.

4) It can be manufactured using various base tube material such as Carbon Steel, Copper, Cupro—Nickel, Brass and Alu. / Adm. Brass, Stainless Steel with fins of Copper, SS 304, SS 316, C.S & G.I.

5) Wire wound fin tubes offers a versatility and flexibility which is unmatched by any other type of Fin Tubes.

Turbulated Fin Tube Option :
We can offer these tubes with both soldered fixed type turbulators and unsoldered flexible type turbulators.

Soldered Fixed Type - We can offer these tubes with both Soldered finned type and wire petal type Turbulators.

Turbulated Plain tubes - We can also offer tubes of 90:10 & 70:30 Cupro- Nickel, Adm. Brass / Alu Brass, CS & SS with the required turbulators already inserted / soldered. We have close relation with the tube manufacturers which allows us quicker deliveries.

These Turbulated Plain Tubes can then be finned as required (like Wire wound, Crimped type, L type, LL type).

Tube OD

Fin OD (Min)

Fin OD (Max)

Loops/Turn Turns/Foot

9.525 mm (3/8")

19.00 mm

33.00 mm



12.70 mm (1/2")

25.00 mm

38.00 mm



15.875 mm (5/8")

32.00 mm

42.00 mm



19.05 mm (3/4")

38.00 mm

45.00 mm



25.40 mm (1")

45.00 mm

52.00 mm



Length – Any length up to 8 mtrs.

The above Loops per turn are manufactured with wire dia. of 0.71 mm. We can also give Loops per turn and Turns per foot other than above as per the customized customer requirement. We can also manufacture fin tubes with the wire dia. ranging from 0.50 to 0.91 mm in C.S. / G.I. / S.S & for Copper 0.50 to 1.30 mm.



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