Crimp Fin Tubes



In this type of fin tubes, the strips are wound on tubes and tack welded at ends. This type of fin tubes can also be supplied Root Soldered where base of the fins are soldered to the tubes for better bonding. The extended surface area of these finned tubes are used in many applications. The fin tubes can be made with tubes of Copper,Copper-Nickel,Admiralty / Aluminium Brass and fin material of Copper, Aluminium & M.S. wound around it.

Tubes outer diameter: 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1"
Fins per inch : 8 to 12

We can offer these tubes with both soldered Finned Type and unsoldered turbulators.

Soldered Fixed Type - We can offer these tubes with both Soldered Fixed Type and Unsoldered Flexible Type Turbulators.

Turbulated Plain tubes - We can also offer Tubes of Cupro Nickel, Alu Brass, CS & SS with the required turbulators already inserted. We have close relation with the tube manufacturers which allows us quicker deliveries.

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