Ideal for a wide variety of basic, custom, and heavy-duty industrial applications, chilled water coils are designed to meet a variety of heating needs. We can supply them with any design configuration to meet any application needs.

  • For applications including comfort cooling, dehumidification, process cooling, and more.
  • All sizes, capacities, circuit patterns, fin/tube configurations.
  • Duplication of obsolete coils; custom design for new applications.

Surefin matches existing dimensions and performance for coils you're already using.

Coils are designated as chilled water when they are three thru ten rows deep. Again, most chilled water coils have an entering air temperature of 75° F to 95°F with chilled water entering in the range of 45° F. As you can easily see, the spread between the entering water temperature and entering air is much closer than the hot water example outlined above. When you factor in that the required leaving air might be close to 55° F, then you can see how close the temperatures become. You clearly need more rows to handle the load. In addition, you are dehumidifying and have a latent load to handle as well.

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