Low or Integral Fin Tubes



We offer a high quality tube made on accurate machines. These tubes are very useful in Shell & Tube Exchangers
under the following conditions.

• When the tube side fluid is water or condensing steam. Here the low fins improve efficiency by offering both a larger area and also by breaking the film of the condensate allowing it to drip off.
• When the shell side resistance to heat transfer is greater than roughly two times the resistance on the tube side.
• When shell side fouling is severe.
• When the shell side fluid is a vapour.

In general, for a given heat transfers only one half of integral fin tubes are needed as would be required for bare tube. This effectively saves more than 30% on tubes alone.

A complete Range of Sizes from 5/8” to 1” OD, and thickness of 0.635 mm and heavier are available.

Range of Material -
• Copper
• Cupro—Nickel
• Carbon Steel
• Stainless Steel

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